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Once upon a time i.e 50 years back Turahalli ,the present serenic place which gives cool breeze and pleasant atmosphere is full of dense forest with Mango farms, Grape yards etc. Temple is situated far away from sound and noise pollution. Once you enter the temple you find the kerala architecture.

An old man used to come and stay under the jack fruit tree for many years.Savitramma and Palaniswamy bought the land and made it as their home. Savitramma has been blessed with six children and there was no proper electricity ,transport etc. Savitramma alone used to run the family as Palaniswamy used to go to distant places for months to perform his business for livelihood. With divine blessings, Palaniswamy and his family used to get all types of cereals,fruits etc. within the reach.Palaniswamy have taken a risk and started to cultivate with in the available farm land. They also have undergone huge loss within the agri business and they neither received any financial aid nor support from relatives nor friends.

Savitramma and Palaniswamy are disciples of God and only chant the goddess for her blessings. Even during financial crunch and debtors barging into their house they never gave up nor stopped offering to the old guy under the jack fruit tree who is in the disguise of Lord Muneshwara. Due to shortage of labour, they hired a labourer for agrineeds. He was been advised and insisted not to sleep at a particular place which was a burial ground where God Almighty would visit during nights.He threw a deaf ear and slept at the same place. During deep sleep, he was been hit badly on the spinal cord where he got injured. He was been admitted to hospital,post which the labourer prayed Almighty to forgive his mistake which was done unknowingly. With divine blessings he could recover immediately and has been blessed with Wealth, Health and Prosperity etc. Six children grew up and got married Half of the agriculture land was sold for the child marriages. Even the jack fruit land went away with sold out property. There was a feeling in the minds of the family members that their financial crunch and even failure of Kid’s careers was all due to sold out jack fruit tree space.

Then all the family members left to Kerala for Asta Mangala Prashna which would be advised by Astadiggajas. Family members have questioned Astadiggajas “what is the reason behind not having development in any of Child’s career nor financial status. The astadiggajas have answered that there is a divine goddess who would come here to stay within short while.

The foundation stone was laid in the year 1999 ,where in there was a question among the family members that “Who would perform the daily pooja?” In the interest of Lord Muneshwara, Sharathgrand son of Palaniswamy used to perform rituals to Lord Muneshwara. Sharath couldn’t neither could concentrate on studies nor any other things.His focus was only towards Lord Muneshwara’schant.Sharath’s father was always concerned about his son’s future and career as Sharath didn’t clear his PU exams.Where in Sharath’s mother only said that whatever is written in fate would happen and not to worry much.

Due to divine blessings of Lord Muneshwara ,Goddess Pratyangira and Sharath’s ancestors: Sharath was returning from his tuition then an old man asked for to drop at Uttarhalli bus stop. Asadvised, Sharath agreed to drop and old man was accompanied with a bad so insisted to keep in front. Later the old man got down at the requested stop and he left his bag with Sharath. Sharath reached to his home and then recollected about the bag and tried tomake announcements in the bus shelter about the missing bag. As there was no other way, Sharath reached home with the bag. Post which they opened the bag outside their home. The bag consisted none other the idol of goddess which no one couldn’t notify which avatar is she exactly. As it was in ferocious manner a mix of half human and headed with Lionness. The idol was kept in Palaniswamy’s puja room and left to take the advise of Astamnagala Prashna.The idol was kept on a heap of paddy to meet the astrologers and diggajas.

While everyone left to Kerala for astamangalaprashna, Sharath’s father (Pratap and his friend) stayed back at home. As Pratap’s friend couldn’t doze so he tried to lay back on the sofa which is infront of Puja room. During night goddess Pratyangira accompanied along with her 4 sub ordinates and entered the house. Pratap’s friend who was lying on the sofa saw the goddess who wore full of golden ornaments ,lengthy black hair and huge sound of anklets.One of the goddess sub ordinates saw Pratap’s friend seeing goddess and tilted his head and insisted that he is not supposed to see in that manner where he was under huge shock.Mean while she entered the puja room.

In Astamangala prashna ,they have been advised that the goddess is none other than Pratyangiradevi and advised to construct a temple for embodiment and they have well defined the rules and regulations as per hindu Shastra and the temple will become one of the most famous temple in India. The temple has the architecture of Kerala. The Lord Muneshwara temple was been constrcted thrice for the development and infrastructure progress.

Under the guidance of Palaniswamy, his children also came front to contribute to lay the foundation stone for the temple during 22nd February – 27th February and prasthistapana was done.Initial Lord Muneshwara idol was with no power where in post goddess embodiment was done ,even Lord Muneshwara gained power along with Goddess Aikyam in the year 2009.

As Lord Shiva is the deity with ashes and snakes.Once he got married to Parvathi then he got the vital power in the universe.Kshethra’s power has been increasing day by day due to chant of Vedic mantras, Homas, Tri kala puja. Every Devotee who ever visits the temple should visit Lord Muneshwara and then pray Goddess Pratyangira with piousness and divinity for their desires. Goddess would only bless devotees with pure mind and pious qualities.Many devotees had so many experiences and their wishes came true once they had visited the temple. People who are suffering from Grahadosha, Kalasarpadosha, Kujadosha etc. can visit the temple and seek the blessings of goddess and fulfill their desires within no time.

Knowledge about Muneshwara and Pratyangira:
Who is Lord Muneshwara : Lord Shiva has 3 stages of life as a human undergoes child,youth,old similar to Shiva’s stages (Bhalya,Yavana,Vrudhapya). Vrudhapya is exactly the Lord Muneshwara avatar. He is very pleasant,thaponista,Shulam, Gnanam – holds book in one of his hand, Jhatadhari, Rudrakshakundalam – Ear rings with Rudraksha, Rudrakshadara – Garland of Rudraksha. He belongs to Shiva Pantha and also known as Kshetrapalaka. In Yajurveda, the middle portion is known as Rudra Namaka Chamaka. Lord Muneshwara is at a greater heights and full of wealth, healthwhere in he looks as if he is with nothing.

An all-powerful Goddess, Sri MahaPratyangira Devi, is present everywhere and invisibly protects all her devotees and all those who seek solace in her. Always present by the side of all those who repose faith in her, she exists in each and every being in all aspects of her living existence. Her exact origin has been a subject of debate over the years. According to the revered Puranas, there are different theories regarding her exact origin. One theory holds that the Mother Goddess emerged from the third eye of Sarabheswarar (manifestation of Lord Shiva) with 1,008 lion faces, 2,016 hands and a blood-stained tongue protruding out. As Pratyangira energy manifests, it’s often a very swift and sometimes ferocious current. Many of the Saints who’ve seen its energetic expression have described it as half lion and half human. The lion head is that of a male and the body is that of a female, representing the union of Shiva and Shakti. In her full form, she is humongous, with 1008 heads (symbolically representing the 1008-petalled Sahasrara Chakra, the universal chakra of the cosmic energy) and 2016 hands, riding majestically on a chariot pulled by 4 lions (representing the 4 Vedas), carrying many swords for removing obstacles. Prathyangara Devi Homam is performed for the destruction of any negative forces like Disease, Misfortune, Obstacles, Rivalry and regaining of Power. People worship the Goddess Prathyangara Devi for curing all their illnesses, for preventing major accidents and any other kind of health issues caused by poisoning. It is also believed worshipping this Goddess helps in the removal of all mental blocks. The Mother Goddess is also called ‘ArtharvanaBhadra Kali’, because she is the guardian of our AtharvanaVedam that holds the secret of Mantras Tantras Yantras from good to evil. Her Character is straight forward and wherein mistakes are committed by anyone, she is quick to punish them. But she is also quick to forgive one who seeks solace in her and remains a true devotee. . Thus the Mother Goddess, who is MahaShakthi herself, is the most wonderful mother you can have.. To bring a situation in control once it goes out of hand then this goddess has come into existence. Lord Vishnu has put his maximum efforts for the HiranyaKshyapa’sdemise.Where Vishnu was injected with daemon’s blood .Narsimhaswamy’sthamasguna will become high place of Satvikaguna which leads to destruction of the world. All the gods have requested and sent Lord Ganesha to go and cool down Narsimhaswamy.Ganesha’s effort was all in vain and then Shiva sent “Sharbha” a bird avatar to Lord Vishnu. Sharbha bird has 2 feathers ,one feather was Pratyangira and other feather was Shulini Durga. Narsimhaswamy has got Ghandabhairandu. They will have a fight between Sharbha and Ghandabhairandu for 18 days fiercely. Atlast one feather will have Ghandabhairandu. Lord Narsimhaswamyheatness due to Hiranyakashypa will cool down with Pratyangira’s feather. In Devi Markendeya puranam, 8thchapter, Uttarcharitra, Rakthabejasuravadan. Bramhi’s incarnation is from Bramha ,Vaishnavi ‘s incarnation is from Vishnu, Maheshwari’s incarnation from Shiva, Indrani from Indra, Varahi from Varahaswamy and Narasimhi from Narsimhaswamy. All the goddesses will end Rakthabejasurudu. About Goddess Pratyangira was conveyed in Sree Vidya Thantra, Sundarikramam, Sree Chakrarchana. There is no difference in Shaiva and Vaishanava. In Hindu dharma “Amneyam”, the important goddess said “ PratyangiraUpasana” deity will be free from obstacles and will be cherished with wealth, health and prosperity. In Lalitha Sahasranamam “Daksha yagnvinashini” – namam of prayangira. In Phalashrruthi :Nivartya Thatkriyam Anyatham Y Pratyangira Swayam.